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  • PaintedPony


    Designs: 685 Gewinne: 18

    Ich genieße die Flexibilität von meinen Zeitplan, indem ich an DesignContest arbeite und an dem Wettbewerb teilnahme. Das eigentliche Ziel, die Ich mag - Klienten zu helfen, genau mit dem Design, das sie wollen. Die Administration, Support - alles auf höchstem Niveau, und es ist toll !

  • lizonil


    Designs: 525 Gewinne: 38

    DesignContest half mir als Designer zu wachsen, und hilft mir, weiter zu entwickeln. Ich bin sehr glücklich mit der Arbeitsunterstützung, Jungs achten wirklich auf alle Anfragen von Designern und halten die Regeln ein. Ich bin begeistert!

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endet14d 8h

Sie müssen als Designer eingeloggt sein, um diesen Wettbewerb durchzusehen

endet14d 8h

Mediathor is a web agency. We do dynamic display and digital communication, Web Development, Digital communication, Maintenance, and anything that is related to digital. Our target audience is everyone!!! We want a killer design that really stands out, as we have plenty of competition. We want something futuristique and animated. On our landing page and home page we want to see animated coding in green of laravel. Do not take the orange of our logo as a central design colour. We do not want to see too much orange in the deisgn. Keep everything clean and simple, but yet very unique and that will interest our clients and traffic that comes on the website. We want people to remember our website.

endet14d 8h
Sesame Street

Tasks:I would like art created to act as a background for a personalized sesame street name sign.  Please view my pdf's and upload example of the current backgr...

endet14d 8h needs a facelift for a site last updated in 2007 and we need your help.This customer is seeking a mobile, responsive site desi...

endet14d 8h

Dear All,

We are a software development company located in the African market (more specifically in Angola) and we develop custom made software for small banks for more than 20 years.

We have a product, a Web Application (Intranet), that is already been used in some clients for a long time and we want to redesign it to make it more user friendly and with a much more modern and clean look/interface.

Some notes that you should consider:

. currently we change the color schema according to the color of the logo of the client, we want to use the same colors to all clients and we'll change only the logo from one client to another - you should define a new color schema that will be used for all clients, we want a clean and modern look

. we have a top menu but, considering that we have increasingly the number of modules that we have on the app we need to chage the menu, maybe create a lateral menu (on the left side) that can be shown/hide. It should be a multi-level menu.

. currently, after make the login, we are redirected for the OnGoing operations grid/screen, we want to create a new screen that should be opened right after the login where the user chooses the module he wants to work with, this way, we can filter only operation of that module when it goes to OnGoing Operations screen. Examples of modules (ERP, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Clients, Foreign Exchange). This new screen should be something like a big icon for each module, something like windows 10 start menu.

. The grid/screen Ongoing operations should be redesigned to get a better look and feel

. It should be possible to filter the operations on the OnGoing grid like an Excel filter - if I select a certain module I'll see all on going operation of that module or I can select only one or multiple operations inside any modules and I will only see on going operations of the selected types

. We want to eliminate the tabs "Operacoes Em Curso" / "Nova Operacao" / "Arquivo" on the right upper corner, with the new approach for the menu we will not need those tabs anymore

. on the current layout, the header and footer are occupying a lot of space on the screen that could be used with more important information, we want to reduce the space that is used by the header and the footer

. Every modules of this application are workflow based forms, we need to make an improvement on the forms layouts (textbox, drop down, grid views...)  , currently we set 4 columns for each line, fell free to change this rule if it make sense to you

. We want to implement a notification system (something like facebook notifications). We should have an icon with a counter (it can be on the right upper corner near the home, refresh, search and logout buttons) indicating the number of unread notifications then if the user clicks this icon we will show the list of notifications and when he chooses one notification it opens a popup with complete message.

Please see attached some screens of the current layout so you can use as a start point for your work.    

Waiting for your offers.

Thank you and good work.          

endet14d 8h

This is a religious t shirt design. Would like to see a baseball laying in dirt and/grass. Baseball should have a used look. Dirty, used, maybe a cut in it. Also want a thorned crowned leaning on it. Any other effects feel free to add. Wanted to really have feeling to it. To fit on 13 x 19 transfer. Words on top “HAVE FAITH” and words underneath “PLAY HARD”

endet14d 8h

consists of skillful physicians and nurse practitioners who see patients in the comfort of their own homes. Our medical staff is well trained in providing treat...

endet14d 8h

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