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  • PaintedPony


    Designs: 685 Gewinne: 18

    Ich genieße die Flexibilität von meinen Zeitplan, indem ich an DesignContest arbeite und an dem Wettbewerb teilnahme. Das eigentliche Ziel, die Ich mag - Klienten zu helfen, genau mit dem Design, das sie wollen. Die Administration, Support - alles auf höchstem Niveau, und es ist toll !

  • lizonil


    Designs: 525 Gewinne: 38

    DesignContest half mir als Designer zu wachsen, und hilft mir, weiter zu entwickeln. Ich bin sehr glücklich mit der Arbeitsunterstützung, Jungs achten wirklich auf alle Anfragen von Designern und halten die Regeln ein. Ich bin begeistert!

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This is for the front side of a 5.5"x8.5" postcard for direct mailing for my real estate company.  It will be sent to property owners who's property has just ex...

endet14d 8h

Looking for new characters as follows:...

endet14d 8h

We produce Cannabis Caramels in Oregon. We are looking to update our current package label for the child proof container that our caramels go in. Our branding a...

endet14d 8h

This project involves a website re-design with focus on a visually immersive homepage, with a design template for the inner pages.  The objective of the website is to inspire prospective students as well as provide an immersive user-experience for current students.  The law school take great pride in it’s brand, culture and history, and would like to illuminate the qualities that differentiates it from other surrounding law schools.

Current website:
Tagline: Rattlers for Justice
Platform: Wordpress

Websites we like:

Homepage Design
Inner page template design

endet14d 8h

Sie müssen als Designer eingeloggt sein, um diesen Wettbewerb durchzusehen

endet14d 8h

I am a physician who practices pain management, but have begun to specialize in stem cell, prp, and exosome therapy.  These are exciting ways to use a patient's...

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Sie müssen als Designer eingeloggt sein, um diesen Wettbewerb durchzusehen

endet14d 8h

Need to communicate information on three or four basic areas of focus at our ranch-based business in Texas.  Would like each area's domain name to be incorporated and searchable, as well. For instance, the Thunderhawk Preserve dot-com address should be the primary web address for the ranch.  We own,, and  Is it possible to house all three of those addresses in one site, so that no matter how someone is searching or which address they're traveling to, the rest of the ranch's offerings are available to be seen?  I hope that makes sense.  Anyway, here's a bit of a description/feel of what we are building here:

Thunderhawk Preserve is a medium acreage property just outside of College Station, Texas, specializing in "lovingly raised, humanely harvested" agriculture. PHOTOS

We raise and produce beautifully bred Scottish Belted Galloway cattle, known as the "Thunderhawk Belties" for beef production and replacement stock; as well as offer frozen, sexed semen for sale---all through private treaty.  All of our precious bovines are descendants of the best and most awarded breeding programs and careful genetics.  All are registered with verified pedigrees.  The Belted Galloway breed is not only beautiful to look at, but is the absolute best cow for the small acreage farmer, the grass-fed beef producer, the family sustenance farmer, and especially, the novice or beginning farmer.  Their quiet and tranquil dispositions make handling and servicing easy enough for the greenest of farmers.  We belong to all reputable breeding associations.  Call us and let us tell you all the ways a Thunderhawk Beltie will enhance your operation and make farming and sharing your passion even more fun!  PHOTO GALLERY; AVAILABLE HEIFERS; AVAILABLE BULLS; FROZEN ASSETS; 

The Thunderhawk Nights Sunset Concert Series takes place in the fall each year, with each concert beginning at dusk, and catering to a small audience of 1,000 people or less.  The concert venue is a fully secluded natural slope amphitheater, surrounded by ancestral oak and pecan trees.  Featured musical acts such as Mary Chapin Carpenter, Smokey Robinson, and Lyle Lovett entertain within the fully serviced, all VIP venue with the gorgeous, fire-red Texas sun setting behind the artists, comfortably filtered by generous tree-lined forest just to the west.  The venue sits less than ten miles from Texas A&M University, offers ample on-site parking, featured local culinary talent and mixologists, as well as a flexible pack-in policy.  The series runs each year during September and October and is sold as a complete series, which includes two tickets to each of eight concerts, parking, and pre-concert champagne social.  Series passes are worn on commemorative lanyards, which can be transferred with each concert, allowing friends and companies to share packages. PHOTO GALLERY; CONCERT SCHEDULE; FEATURED CULINARY GUESTS; FAQ; BUY HERE;

Thunderhawk Preserve is home to fifteen horses, twelve of which were rescued from slaughter.  Each of these amazing animals has its own story and its own value.  Many are highly trained performance horses that just happened to find themselves at the wrong auction on the wrong day.  Each of them was rescued immediately before trucking, and each now lives in sanctuary here on the Preserve, where their needs are generously and happily met and their scars have all disappeared into their pasts. PHOTO GALLERY; SOCIAL STATEMENT PAGE; RESCUE FAQ;

Our horses, our cows, our chickens, our dogs, our trees, our bees, and the earth beneath our feet---all are our family. And on the ranch, LOVE is the language we use.

Areas of Thunderhawk Preserve are available for private event hosting.  PHOTO GALLERY; INQUIRE HERE;

Happiness, harmony, peace, kindness, and compassion.  Experience Thunderhawk.

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