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Kommentare unserer Kunden

Das ist die beste Webseite, um professionelle Ergebnisse zu bekommen

Ich bin müde von Freiberuflern, die Sie Ihren Entwurf und Idee zu verhängen. Auf dieser Web-Seite machen Sie die Wahl selbt, was Ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt, Ihre Ziele zu erreichen.

Captain Slaughter

Als ich auf die DesignContest kam, war ich in der Suche nach dem Gesicht für mein Unternehmen. Ich konnte mir nicht vorstellen, dass ich einen so guten Ergebnis in nur einer Woche bekomme! Ich hatte die Wahl aus 155 einzigartigen Designs, und der Prozess war wunderbar!

Rachell Allen Professionals

Bei DesignContest bekamen wir ein sehr gutes Ergebnis für unser Unternehmen. Uns gefiel der einfache Prozess, eine große Anzahl von Designs aus der ganzen Welt von den besten Designern. Und ehrlich gesagt, ist es sehr profitabel und korrekt, dass Sie selbst Ihr Budget wählen können!

  • Vlada Stepanets

    Vlada Stepanets

    TVBOY Production

  • Alistar Pauell

    Alistar Pauell

    Villages Rentals

  • Joseph Bailey

    Joseph Bailey

    Captain Slaughter

  • Ryan DeLeon

    Ryan DeLeon

    Rachell Allen Professionals

Wie funktioniert der Wettbewerb in T-shirt Design Arbeit Contest

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Füllen Sie ein einfaches Formular in ein paar Minuten, und unsere Designer werden auf Ihrem Auftrag für Kategorien arbeitenT-shirt Design gerade jetzt!

Wie soll das neue Design aussehen?

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2Bewerten Sie die Werke

Sobald Designer seine Werke in Ihren Wettbewerb hochladen T-shirt Design, werden Sie in der Lage, Kommentare über das Design zu schreiben und Designs bewerten. Dieser Prozess ist sehr einfach und verbessert T-shirt Design die Ihnen gefällt!

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3Gewinner wählen!

Oft ist die schwierigste Phase Ihres Wettbewerbs. Sie haben so viele Optionen, dass die Auswahl wirklich schwierig ist. Wählen Sie einfach das beste " T-shirt Design, Und wir erledigen den Rest.

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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • What is the latest term I can ask for design modifications?

    You have a week to finalize your project. It means that 7 days are given to you for contacting the designer and asking him anything you want. If you’re completely satisfied, you can close the project and transfer the funds to the performer.

  • Is there any kind of support I can ask for?

    Sure. You can count on help of any kind. Feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Can I set the price for a T-shirt design on my own?

    Yes, definitely. You can be guided by different criteria such as the amount of work required, its quality and deadlines. We can only advise you to find the optimal balance, as there’s the right way to get to get the product on the optimal price-performance ratio. Sure, the higher the prize the more attractive your offer. You’ll be charged only after you make your project live.

  • I want to get copyrights on a T-shirt design. Is it possible?

    Yes, of course. All rights are transferred from the T-shirt designer to you, unless you specify otherwise.

  • What can help me choose the best options for my project?

    We know that to design your own t-shirt you need to consider a variety of possible options. Providing customers with variety of choice is the essence of our service. Many designers will fight to be a part of your project, and we strongly believe that this honest struggle is the only way of generating the best solution for you. You’ll be offered dozens of possible features, so don’t worry – you’ll never get bored.

  • Is there a limit on the number of entries? Can I see the possible quantity of entries?

    The number of entries is unlimited – you can see all the performers that have applied to your project. An indirect limit is your budget, as low rate can scare off qualified designers. The main point is that you should try to find the balance between the desired quality of shirt designs and the amount of money you can spend on it. However, you can increase your chances by setting on options of Guaranteed Contest, Featured Contest or Multiple Prizes. The approximate number of entries will be shown once you click on «Start a Contest» and set your budget.

  • What opportunities of interaction with designers do I have?

    After you project goes live, you can upload images and attach any other files to the contest brief.

  • I want to get source files ASAP. How long do I have to wait?

    The designer who won has 24 hours to prepare source files and send them to you.

  • What if I do not get the desired result?

    We believe that the quantity of applications will finally turn into quality. However, if you are not satisfied with the results of the work obtained, you have the right to get 100% Money Back. Although we do not doubt that the professionalism of our designers will meet with your requirements.

  • I want to protect the privacy by the NDA. Will I have this option with your services?

    Yes, it’s an option of our policy. Any customer can protect his private information by signing an NDA with all those who have access to it. Don’t doubt – all private content will remain private.

  • What is the difference between hiring a freelancer and starting a contest?

    You can choose both options. Starting a contest is more reasonable, as you’ll get a variety of performers offering you their designs. Starting a contest is an ideal opportunity to find the best partner and further work with him one-on-one.

  • How can I be sure that designers clearly understand my needs?

    The best thing you can do is to include as much details to the project description, as it’s needed for comprehensive understanding. The main points are your company history, your personal attitude to styles, colors and some other important things that can affect the final result. For the perfect T-shirt design, the designer has to understand your concept well.

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I want a shirt designed for my wifes company Augusta Nielsen Fitness. On the front of the shirt i want her logo small over the chest(i'm not stuck on her logo i...

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Needing to shirts to give out and for our employees to wear. Wanting a cool design for front and back of shirt. I have attached the company logo.Would also like...

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T-shirt and Caps Design,We are looking for a promotional cool design and slogan like: "do you speak English"? or "abc-kids" or best daycare in town...Need front...

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Nebula Rex is an apparel line combining SPACE themes and DINOSAUR themes.**DO NOT put the words "Nebula Rex" on the T-Shirt please.  That's just the name of the...

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Техническое задание. Разработать изображение формата А4. 1. Тема. Юбилей, 40-летие Mercedes Gelandewagen.2. Футболка клубная. G-CLASS.RU. 3. В изображени...

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Department website: will be for all new members that are recruited during the upcoming academic year.The shirt color can b...

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Needing a logo for a fishing team created. Want something eye-catching that is related to fishing. Want this logo to turn heads and make people do a double take...

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Фирменная футболка T-shirt ресторана Rock Star Cafe расположенного в самом центре Санкт-Петербурга, Россия.

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